About Us

My name is Jeff Dillingham. I started Diamond Defense Products in November of 2019. I started this business because I am passionate about self defense. I believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves whether it's a physical attack, a burglary or a natural disaster. We live in a world that's unpredictable and unsafe. The good news is we also live in a world where fortune always favored the prepared. I know what it's like to be physically attacked, find my home burglarized, be blindsided by an ice storm and being without power for days - even weeks. Fortunately, I met an instructor who not only taught me self defense but armed me with the best protection, security and survival products so I would be prepared for the next unforeseen emergency. I found that its better to have these products and not need them than to need them and not have them. We carry only the best products. Streetwise Security Products which is one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the self defense industry since 1990. My mission is to arm people with the best products to provide protection, security and survival. These products have benefited me and I know they will benefit anybody.