The Packable Puffer Jacket for Survivor Gear

This Ultra Lightweight Jacket is a staple for every Survivor’s closet. People may think this is just another puffer jacket, but down jackets have come a long way since the first one emerged in 1936, by Eddie Bauer. Yeah, the looks have been cool and fashionable to some, but the upkeep has been crazy difficult.

Even if you can conceal about everything you want and then some inside a puffer jacket, for us survivor folks, puffer jackets are not at all reasonable because they are too puffy. We don’t need the distraction of always looking good, but we love the warmth from down jackets, whatever will we do!?

What you do is…you buy this Ultra Lightweight Duck Down Jacket!


The Low Down on Duck Down

This jacket lets you get down with the down and fits your Survival lifestyle.

Why Duck down over Goose down? Geese are bigger birds so of course, their feathers can go a longer way than duck down, but when duck down and goose down are evenly distributed in weight, Duck down and goose down insulate identically.

This jacket is perfect for us outdoor and survival enthusiasts because the Ultra Lightweight design is made for year-round wear. This jacket is great to pack. It easily condenses into a very small space which is essential when you are traveling or you are planning to be outdoors for long periods of time.

It is perfect for the hot summer months with the cool nights and it’s a great underlayer for the cold winter season serving as an extra shell layer when temps are changing drastically throughout the day. Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, or even on a Rescue Mission in the mountains for weeks, this Ultra Lightweight Jacket is perfect.

With this jacket, you don’t worry about getting down and dirty on a trip where you are sweating and not showering for days. Once the trek is over, this puffer jacket is easy to clean! No dry cleaning required, simply wash on a cold gentle cycle, and even throw it in the dryer on low. Then bam! It's cleaned and it was that simple!

Jackets like these can easily become a staple for any Survivors closet and even though this jacket is a men’s jacket, it can easily be considered unisex. This packable puffer jacket comes in an array of colors Silver Grey, Wine Red, Royal Blue, Army Green, Black, Dark blue, and even come in sizes: M L XL 4XL XXXL XXL XL.

Even the fit is not boxy and is sleek. So, for us Survivors needing to get all fancied up for a night on the town, this jacket easily converts to being a stylish fashion piece where no one could know you wore it for your outdoor hobbies.

It looks good, lightweight, easy to clean, great for year-round wear, and that is exactly why we Survivors love our Ultra Lightweight Down Jackets and we know you will too.

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