Foldable Wifi JJRC HD Aerial Camera Drone 2020

Our Foldable Wifi JJRC HD Aerial Camera Drone is a must-have for 2020

Security and surveillance are one of the biggest growth areas in the ever-expanding Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sector and Camera Drones have come a long way over the past several years. Now used more than ever in Security, Protection, and Survival for the smallest of missions to the largest federal programs. Flying these amazing objects is simpler than they used to be and now affordable as well.  

Sure, they may be able to deliver pizza and Amazon packages, but they are a great way to spot out threats and conduct surveillance. Even though drones are a relatively newer addition to people in our Security, Protection, and Survivor arena, aerial assessments of activities on the ground play a key role in the protection of people and assets. Security operations are simplified with pre-defined missions, and emergency response is enhanced through on-demand availability. 

We know aerial vehicles such as helicopters can cover more terrain, but drones are obviously smaller, much less expensive, and much more efficient than a manned-aircraft. Most of all, they are quieter which makes too much sense. Imagine creeping up on the target and not being quiet…nothing but bad can happen in that scenario.

These wonderful little objects have opened access to aerial security and to companies of all sizes across sectors. If you are like the rest of us, just thinking about having a drone floods our minds with an unlimited amount of possibilities. This easy to use Foldable Drone with WIFI Aerial Camera is great for beginners or the experts. The GPS and a one-button mode to return to base is an awesome feature giving you many options when it comes to flying, aerial filming, and photography. 

Also, since the Wifi Foldable JJRC HD Aerial Camera Drone is such a great drone and affordable, you can use it for your business to see overhead costs reduce, project completion cycles quicken, and it can add a competitive edge to your business. Just like the cost has greatly decreased over the years and value has increased, even federal regulations are now more concrete.

The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) has all the guidelines to stay in compliance and obtain a certification that is very affordable now. Registration of your drone is $5 and lasts for 3 years with the testing fee a flat $150.

 For recreational use, it is even easier. Register your drone and be sure you fly at or below 400 feet above the ground when in uncontrolled (Class G) airspace and follow some other safety rules you can find on


Check out some of the Features:

  • *1. FOLDABLE DRONE: Delicate drone, foldable design, portable and easy to take in, high performance
  • *2. HD CAMERA LENS: Take HD photos, record clear videos, with beauty mode
  • *3. REAL-TIME TRANSMIT: Convenient to check photos and videos
  • *4. STABLE FLYING: Adopt advanced barometer, it can hover on the air, easy to take clear photos
  • *5. WIFI CONNECT: Connect your phone via WIFI, easy and convenient to use
  • *6. SUPPORT TRACK FLYING: It can fly along the track set before
  • *7. ACCURATE CONTROL: Adopt 2.4Ghz technique, accurate control, longer remote-control distance, more sensitive
  • *8. BUILT-IN GPS: Press one button to make drone return, manual control landing
  • *9. HEADLESS MODE: Auto recognize remote control direction, fly to anywhere you want
  • *10. WITH LED LIGHT: With front and rear LED lights, shows clear direction at night
  • *11. MORE FLIGHT ACTIONS: It can do many fancy moves, like 360° rotating
  • *12. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Flexible fan blade, anti-shock, ABS shell, and elastic footpad protect your drone *13. SPECIAL APP: Download JJRC app, enjoy more flying fun


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